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17.12.2009 : Our 20,000th circumsicion client received a hampers from Dr. Nasib Sakiman.

The 20,000th circumsicion in this clinic since 1989 (20 year)

circumcision / sunat

step 1:

cleaning of the penis

step 2:

injection of local anaesthetics

step 3:

Preperation for surgery.

The fore skin of the penis will be cut

step 4:

Stop the bleeding after the foreskin had been cut off

step 5:


step 6:

more suturing

step 7:

suturing completed

cleaning the surgical wound

step 8:

Bandage the surgical wound

step 9:

Ready to go home

as a "MAN"

This pateint had his penis injected with SILICON. Purpose was to make the penis larger. True enough the penis is large but useless!!. He was unable to have sex for 2 years since the silicon was injected. The silicon was injected by a non medical person.

Came to me for repair.

Surgical repair done. Most of the silicon were taken out except on the dorsal area. Look like camel humps.


Akibat tak pakai seluar dalam.... kena ZIP

Pembedahan Keloid

A Keloid (also known as a "Keloidal scar" is a type of scar with mainly type I and some type III collagen which results in an overgrowth of tissue at the site of a healed skin injury. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to flesh-colored or red to dark brown in color. A keloid scar is benign, non-contagious, and usually accompanied by severe itchiness, sharp pains, and changes in texture. In severe cases, it can affect movement of skin.

Keloids should not be confused with hypertrophic scars, which are raised scars that do not grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound.